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Drone Murmurations and Marketing Unplugged

Drones are the world's favourite new toys. Whether you live in Poland, Panama, Peru, Portugal or Papua New Guinea, chances are you would have seen one by now. If you haven't, don't worry, it's probably only a question of time before drone murmurations become the next big thing for 'nature'...


Sophia Loren i Konferansjerzy

Zbliża się DZIEŃ KOBIET więc może warto zacząć od akcentu zaczerpniętego z klasyki gatunku. Sophia Loren powiedziała kiedyś, że sukienka powinna być jak ogrodzenie z drutu kolczastego - spełniać swoją funkcję, nie zasłaniając widoku. Choć tego rodzaju analogia zdecydowanie nie sprawdzi się w...


The funky life of corporate cliches

Kraków has held the No. 1 spot as Europe's top outsourcing destination for 3 years in a row. Over the past decade, the industry (aka business & technology services), has tripled in size, and, along with it, so did the city's brand new office infrastructure, scattered all over one of Poland's most...


Here is why Inżynier Mamoń was right about Obama

With Barack Obama's recent visit to Poland, I am yet again reminded of his address delivered two years ago, in Warsaw (4 June 2014), for the 25th Anniversary of the Freedom Day. In addition to being a very interesting piece of speech-writing, its rich canvas of shades and colours can now be seen in...


(A)Plaudit for Polański & Friend(s)

Applause is among the purest and most intuitive forms of non-verbal communication. Known to mankind since time immemorial, it can express a puzzlingly diverse range of emotions and attitudes, stretching far beyond the simple act of putting one’s hands together and making noise.


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