Truly, making Impact is not easy…

A very interesting conference took place in Kraków the other day. Yes, I know there are plenty of interesting conferences out there. One might feel almost tempted to think there is nothing unusual in the above, except, this one was truly special, for reasons of its own.

BusinessPoint: Why Does the City of Kraków Neeed a Proper Business Newsletter

The simple answer is: because, until today, there weren't any, improbable as it sounds. No newsletters, no effective, dedicated, regular ‘Business & The City’ communication platforms (whether in English or Polish). The fact that over the last 6 years alone, one of the city’s business branches...

(A)Plaudit for Polański & Friend(s)

Applause is among the purest and most intuitive forms of non-verbal communication. Known to mankind since time immemorial, it can express a puzzlingly diverse range of emotions and attitudes, stretching far beyond the simple act of putting one’s hands together and making noise.
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