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Public Speaking Black & White - New Vlog Intro [S01E01]

Think "public speaking skills"! What are the first associations that come to your mind, your very first memories, lessons learned or surprising discoveries? A lot of people believe that public speaking is all about the stage, the cameras and microphones, the PowerPoints and the Keynotes of this...
Open Eyes Economy Summit 2019, ICE Congress Centre

Let's Make the World a Better Place, But Not Just Yet!

International conferences, congresses and debates are my passion. They also happen to be a truly fascinating ecosystem for testing and exploring ideas and inspirations. The amazing diversity of learning and development opportunities they provide is almost second to none. I may have participated in...
Olga Tokarczuk, Nobel Prize in Literature

Olga Tokarczuk - Nobel Or Noble Impact?

Olga Tokarczuk is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. What many will come to see as the 'logical climax' to a series of earlier successes (most prominently the Man Booker International Prize in 2018), for the great majority of others, especially here in Poland, will inevitably open an altogether...

Body Language Is Subconscious, Let It Stay That Way!

If you still haven't decided what you think/feel when seeing a politician, a clergyman, a businessman or a consultant holding their hands to form a steeple (see photo above), this short article may come in handy (pun intended).

Audyt Potencjałów Miast

Codzienność przynosi niezliczone przykłady na to, że często brakuje nam dystansu do samych siebie i naszej własnej rzeczywistości - zarówno w życiu prywatnym jak i zawodowym. Podobnie jest w przypadku miast i ich strategii rozwojowych. Bywa, że mieszkając w konkretnym mieście przez całe życie -...

Komunikacja jak paralaksa

Z komunikacją jest jak z paralaksą w fotografii - bywa, że "odległość od tematu" spłaszcza i zniekształca całe nasze postrzeganie rzeczywistości!
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