Client Endorsements

What he did for us was creating a miracle under enormous pressure, within unbelievable deadlines…we managed to pull off an amazingly successful company launch, with the participation of City Authorities, Krakow Festival Office, and a very positive press conference at the City Hall.

Magdalena Weiner
Krakow Global Contact Centre Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

It is incredibly rarely that I come across people who are capable of moderating a highly specialist debate with experts, moreover, both in Polish and English.

Alicja Adamczak
General Director, Polish Patent Office

In the world of cookie cutter-events managed by cookie-cutter event managers, Łukasz stands out head and shoulders. He has unique ability to relate to the theme of the event and because of that he brings the best out of guests and speakers he interacts with. Beaming good-will and understanding, at the same time he is in control of timing and the flow of the event he manages. At the same time, he avoids putting himself in lime light, always focusing the audience attention on speakers and guests.

Wojciech Burkot
Chairman of the Board, ASPIRE Association of IT and Business Porcess Services Companies

I have personally watched how people react to Lukasz and how well he is received by all types of individuals in organizations. For an organization such as ASPIRE where tens of thousands of people are directly influenced by the message that ASPIRE sends to them, someone like Lukasz is critical in ensuring the right message is correctly broadcast in order to foster an environment of co-operation and support and well-being. I am proud to have been able to meet someone as inspiring as Lukasz.

Andrew Samu
Director, Professionals in Warsaw

Łukasz is a talented coach and a great mentor. We invited him to lead part of the workshops for TEDxKraków Award 2012. His public speaking class impressed the attendees, helped them prepare their own presentations and feel confident while speaking in public. I can fully recommend collaboration with him.

Agata Wierzbicka 
VP of People, Base CRM ‬

I would certainly like to recommend Lukasz for any job requiring personal charisma, professional integrity, extensive general knowledge and media-related penchant. Lukasz has a very rare natural talent and ease in communicating, both in formal contexts (before camera) and casual (production process detailing over dinner), supported by excellent rhetorical skills, trust-winning voice and general sense of maturity and professionalism. He is extremely friendly, cooperative and open-minded. I am absolutely convinced Lukasz has all the talent, skill and intuition needed to successfully handle a wide spectrum of complex projects

Mark Stevenson
Discovery Channel, Producer

I have had the pleasure of working with Łukasz on various projects related to PR, branding, communication and city events. I have always been impressed by his true professionalism, great communication and organizational skills. Observing Łukasz in action is also a great learning experience for myself. His presence during critical projects has always given me an assurance that this will be done with full professionalism. I have also admired his creativity in PR campaigns, in which he has been able to combine the brand together with cultural environment of the city or company culture. For me it’s been a true honor of cooperating with Łukasz. I fully recommend him.

Filip Walkowicz
Site Leader & Customer Care Director, AKAMAI Technologies

Łukasz is an outstanding representation of a person that loves his job. Dedicated to his role, professional, with big heart for innovative business projects and ambitious, global mindset that prepares him for the best performance. I've had a pleasure to invite Łukasz to be conference facilitator during Product Development Days in october 2015. Łukasz received very positive feedback from the audience and the organizers team. I'm definitely hoping to cooperate with even more intensity in the future.

Edyta Korona
Director, Innovators Bridge

Lukasz is an incredibly inspirational individual. He has a presence about him, and anybody that has the opportunity to meet and hear him is left feeling intrigued, curious, uplifted and wanting to hear more. Lukasz has a gift in his ability to create and perfectly execute a message to audiences of all sizes.

Andrew Samu
Director, Professionals in Warsaw‬

Amazing intellect – authenticity – great passion for job – exceptional communications skills – out of the box thinking – savoir-vivre at its best - ability to inspire people and drive them to take action. All in one sentence: those who love what they do don’t have to work a day in their lives.

Edyta Marek
Student, Tischner European University

Łukasz is not only a Professional with a capital C. He is a trustworthy friend who truly cares and who understands what should be done and how. He got us exactly where we wanted to be and beyond, and for this, I will be forever grateful to him. He will always be my first person to go to and to recommend with absolute conviction, to anyone who needs professional PR services.

Magdalena Weiner
Krakow Global Contact Centre Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

I have participated in and helped organise several large scale events like ASPIRE GM or annual Conferences with audience in 1000s. Łukasz's management of these events was instrumental in their success.

Wojciech Burkot
Chairman of the Board, ASPIRE Association of IT and Business Porcess Services Companies

…absolutely thorough and completely professional. That, along with his extensive knowledge and expertise mean he is truly a pleasure to work with.

Andy Kureth
Editor-in-Chief, Warsaw Business Journal

It is with deep conviction that I wish to recommmend Mr Łukasz Cioch as an extremely hard-working and well-organized person, having a rare skill of combining meticulous attention to detail with sophisticated management skills at strategic, multi-tasking level.

Jarosław Gowin
Minister of Science & Higher Education
(formerly Minister of Justice)

I would heartily recommend Łukasz for any role that requires creativity, an open mind, diplomacy and a broad intelligence, and also where it is important to gain the trust of multiple partners and provide them with a quiet confidence in your cause.

Andrew Hallam
General Secretary, ASPIRE

What deserves particular attention and appreciation is amazing professionalism, attention to every detail and personal commitment to the task at hand, which is very much reflected in the quality of the film spot [comissioned by the Marshall’s Office].

The creative story developed by Łukasz, combined with the choice of soundtrack and photography, conveyed the ideas behind this spot in a brilliant way. The film was broadcast at multiple events in Poland and abroad and everywhere we show it is very well received.

Joanna Domańska
Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region, Deputy Director at the Department of Economic Development and Innovations

Łukasz Cioch knows how to combine substance (the right climate for a fact-based discussion) with the emotional dimension (the right, friendly ambiance). When he moderates a meeting, even a serious dispute is carried out in the spirit of friendliness and creativity! As a researcher-sociologist, an expert and participant of many debates, conferences and panel discussions, I am deeply convinced that Łukasz not only has the skills but a rare gift that is really worth experiencing

Andrzej Zybertowicz
Security Policy Avdisor to the President at Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland 2008-2010

Łukasz was my lecturer in Business communication on my semester abroad in Poland, Krakow. Being a helping and understanding teacher, Łukasz also demanded a lot from his students, which I personally think to be the major reason for the overall successes of the group throughout the module. Łukasz's honest interest in his subject combined with professionalism and rich experience in the sphere made his module a valuable asset to my degree. At the same time, his personal characteristics encouraged me throughout the studying and motivated to learn more about communication in business sphere. I was impressed by Łukasz's ability to present the studying material organise the seminars so that everyone had a chance to participate and contribute to the general discussion.

‪Overall, obtained knowledge and positive emotions during the module corresponded my high aspirations about it and encouraged me to further study business communication and related subjects as part of my degree.

Business Development and Online Marketing Specialist, Craftware
(at the time student at Tischner European University)

Since the beginning of our collaboration I know Lukasz as an open-minded person. In addition, he has a wide-ranging knowledge on the CSR subject and the necessary ability to engage with external stakeholders. He is very dedicated to his work. I would recommend Lukasz to anyone who is looking for an experienced CSR professional.

Katarzyna Lubas
IS Project Manager at ABB (wcześniej Stowarzyszenie „Wiosna”)‬

I've been working with Łukasz since October, 2011. We share the same office. As Director of the Center for Energy Analysis, Łukasz was showing a lot of dedication to the project and superb oganizational and leadership skills when managing a group of young people involved in the project. He also demonstrated exceptional Polish and English-communication skills, wich was instrumental in building external relationships with energy companies and media. As Management Team Leader for the Management Undergraduate programs at Tischner, Łukasz was responsible for getting the programs off the ground and building student enrollments to signinifcant numbers over two years.

Jan Nowak
Director of MBA Programs at IBD Business School (formerly Management Faculty Professor at Tischner European University)

Professional. Thorough. Reliable. I have worked with Łukasz under a number of different circumstances, and always he is well-prepared and detail-oriented. I highly recommend working with him.

Andrew Kureth
Editor in Chief, Warsaw Business Journal

I have contacted and quoted Łukasz on a number of occasions during the past year when writing articles on Poland's energy sector. He has consistently offered insightful comments on developing trends in the energy sector, and displays an acute knowledge of the government's approach to PR strategy as well as current policies pertaining to Polish energy matters. Łukasz is also an excellent communicator who conveys, and and summarises his points succinctly, which as any journalist knows, is an added bonus. I have no hesitation in recommending Łukasz as a reliable source and as someone to work with.

Liam Nolan 
The Economist, Producer / Director  (formerly at Poland Today)

Lukasz proved to be a very operative and open minded person with excellent organizational skills. In addition, Lukasz is the best PR professional I have ever had chance to cooperate with

Jakub Pawlaszek
Managing Director at Fair Made

I met Łukasz when he was Corporate Social Responsibility Director at ArcelorMittal Poland. He has the wide knowledge on the CSR and sustainability issues. Additionaly he is an open person with a great sense of humour nad positive approach to issues and people. Working with him is an adventure and a pleasure.

Aleksandra Stanek-Kowalczyk
Senior Manager, Sustainability Services Central Europe

I had the pleasure of working with Łukasz while covering the Polish steel market in 2008-11. He is a consummate professional with an impeccable grasp of the English language. Always hard-working, approachable and quick to respond to requests. I have no doubt he could utilise his ingenuity to work in any field of the business world.

Adam Smith
Editor at Steel Business Briefing

As former Communications Manager in ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Steel Europe, I have known Lukasz as an excellent communicator and a very trustworthy person with the heart and the tongue, and especially the mind, on the right place. Very good knowledge of facts and figures, and great ability to put everything in the right context.

Cecile Van den Hof
Manager Communications, ArcelorMittal‬

Lukasz is able to develop and implement large scale projects involving a number of decision makers and participants, as well as significant budgets. He is fully dedicated to the success of his projects, and carries them out until full completion. Furthermore, he has a humanistic sense and applies high ethical values throughout his work. All these skills and qualities were widely evidenced during his collaboration with ArcelorMittal Foundation as the organization's representative and project manager in Poland. 

Francis Langenfeld
General Manager at Manee Dheva Resort & Spa

When I was working at Polish Radio, I had the pleasure of meeting Łukasz a number of times when he was working for ArcelorMittal. I had the opportunity to interview him both at the offices in Dąbrowa Górnicza, as well as "in the field" in Kraków. I have never witnessed such commitment and professionalism in the commercial sector in Poland, and every time we spoke Łukasz was able to provide me with exactly what was needed, and more. He took his role at ArcelorMittal very seriously, and really believed in his mission at the company. I could not recommend Łukasz more highly to anyone who has the chance to work with him.

John Beauchamp
Journalist and Communications Professional‬

Cooperation with Łukasz Cioch has always and without exception been not only a pleasure but an example of true commitment in his work.

Magdalena Sroka
Deputy Mayor, Kraków City Hall

His professionalism and thorough preparation to the challenge ahead have made the completion of our project absolutely problem-free.

Filip Tobiasz
Producer, FREEMANTLE MEDIA ('Kuba Wojewódzki')

A man of many talents that only he knows how to combine exploit. Whatever Łukasz does, and we've gone through thick and thin on so many occasions, there's one thing he always gives: a part of himself. This often comes as advice, idea for doing things better, being more precise, or even a friendly nudge out of your comfort zone. He won't be satisfied with the usual and the ordinary, there must be that extra intensity wherever he is, whatever he does. Whether it's creative writing, chairing a session or sweating at an otherwise booooring translation.
There's no other Łukasz Cioch, I guarantee. Even if you sailed the galaxy far, far away with an astromech droid in the seat behind you. Should you not believe me, check it out at and may the Force be with you! 

Piotr Krasnowolski
‪Owner of HOBBiT Piotr Krasnowolski

I have met Mr. Łukasz Cioch at the international conference organized by Diversity Hub in December 2015 in Cracow where he was the event’s facilitator and host. I was delighted with his perfect English and charming British accent. He knew how to invite guest speakers onto the stage and to make them emotionally comfortable and relaxed. Before each part of the conference Mr. Cioch was doing excellent introductions presenting deep knowledge of business management. And after each section of the programme he knew perfectly how to summarize debate, workshop or individual presentation. His questions were very relevant and inspiring. Although his role was to be a master of ceremony he created space for other speakers. I recommend his interpersonal skills, his essential and professional knowledge as well as his stage presence.

Malwina Bakalarska
‪Researcher, Lecturer, Trainer, Consultant

Lukasz Cioch is a very talented translator and scholar. He has presented at many academic conferences. I recently attended a presentation by Lukasz at the Language, Culture and Politics conference at Tischner University. He was absolutely amazing. I was quite impressed with his knowledge.

Erika Grodzki
Professor of Advertising/Public Relations, Lynn University


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